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Reducing the cost of human resources and yet increasing revenues.
Digitalizing NGOs & SMEs with useful solutions.

Social Engagement

Started from day one, SEI has already been striving for the best to be a sustainable social enterprise. Serving both NGOs and SMEs helps us to keep our business sustainable and contributive. While living in both worlds, our contribution to the society is never less than any other social enterprises. To us, serving the society is not just a corporate social responsibility, but our core mission. 

Every NGO is our friend

Building a NGO-friendly business is always one of our goals. We provide super affordable service to the NGOs so that they can enjoy high quality IT, design and marketing services without paying the crazily inflated prices in the enterprise market. We even offer free consultation and wifi service for NGO and their events. At the same time, we help them to bridge up with potential corporate partners and sponsors.

Everyone can be our employee

We are glad to join the force of fighting against discrimination and social gap. Applicants with any gender, race, sexual orientation, family background can enjoy the equal chance of getting in as usual people.

Every disadvantaged deserves a helping hand

We provide numerous job opportunity to the disadvantaged youngsters so as to help them make the first step towards the acceptance of the society. They received professional on-job training and caring which you can hardly find in other organizations. Upon completion of training, they can even be as competitive as normal university graduates.

Every source of pollution is seriously avoided

We are not only NGO-friendly, but also environmentally-friendly. We care about the potential carbon footprint made during production. We offer computer recycling services to reduce the amount of electronic wastes. We also provide electronic gadgets and devices to the customers eliminating the need of papers. Internally, we try to produce document in digital form whereas possible. Every piece of paper in our office is used on both sides before being thrown.