RCS Business Messaging (RBM)


Most of Hong Kong business reply on ‘SMS’ or even ‘Location Based SMS’ (LBS) to reach or contact the potential customers. However, traditional SMS delivery has limitations like limited message’s capacity and limited delivery rate. ‘RCS Business Messaging’ (RBM) enhances and also upgrades SMS or LBS with marketing, branding, flush media, interactivity and analytics. Business can develop an effective marketing and communication way with RBM.


  • High open rate, over 95%
  • Filter receivers by location, genders and age
  • High delivery rate
    Potential customers will receive ‘RBM SMS’ even they are the ‘Do-not-call Registers’
  • Rich contents
    Support texts, pictures, audios, videos, etc
    Automatic download and display
  • Efficient reach; 5 seconds delivery time, 99% handset support, URL tracks, QR code, e-bill, etc.
  • Mega capacity; Up to 1.9Mb
    30-45 seconds high-res video or 5 high-res photo or a million words text content
  • Mainland cover; Both HK and Mainland mobile users can receive
  • More likely to engage with a brand through RBM
  • More likely to read messages than emails

Successful Case

1. Cosmetic client:

Sent out promotion video and texts to promote specific products at the same time

  • High conversion rate than traditional social media ads
  • Personalized marketing promotion
  • Accuracy to target customer
  • Faster time to market
  • Improve user attention

2. Real estate client:

Precise matching

  • Targeted distribution and push based on customer’s big data and their past consumption record
  • Accurately match customer needs according to region, price and room type

Increase customer retention

  • Attach the contact information of the real estate agent
  • It comes with a jump link to APP to push more similar listings and increasing app download rate