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What's the value of Chatbot

- Increasing Leads & Revenue

- Save Time & Money

- Guide Users to Better Outcomes

- Provide ‘After Hours’ Support

- Engage Users in a Unique Way

The instant quality customer experience enables a brand to quickly build relationships with their customers and enhance their brand image. Nowadays, many internationally renowned brands have begun to use chatbots on social platforms to instantly respond to their customers enquiries, and hence, improve efficiency and service levels.

However, the current use of social platforms is relatively fragmented, and chatbots are limited by the size of the platform and cannot reach the entire customer base. If we popularise chatbots to mobile communication app programmes such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and WeChat we can expand the use of the group, and at the same time, facilitate customers’ instant queries and provide after-sales services to help brands build customer profiles, while maintaining long-term and personalised connections.

WhatsApp Business currently provides simple customer service functions for SMEs such as greeting messages, leaving messages and tagging features, but this version does not provide timely responses and personalised responses. Therefore, different AI chatbots have come into being and provided customer relationship management support for a brand. Chatbots are not limited by time, date or location. They can instantly search and create customer profiles, optimise search results and feedback time, learn consumer preferences, predict consumer behaviour and provide customised messages that help build long-term relationships with consumers, enhancing the consumer experience and their loyalty.

These AI functions not only keep customers in touch, but can also quickly answer enquiries, assist in order placements, track logistics, provide aftersales services and interact with customers through multimedia messages to improve work efficiency, and handle simple and daily routine work in a timely manner. At the same time, chatbots can connect to the cloud system and collect various data and feedback to help understand the consumption habits of the customer base so the marketing department can formulate appropriate marketing and promotion strategies. Mobile chatbots are the result of a combination of AI systems, data statistics and customer relationship management, providing a better and pervasive marketing approach to a rapidly growing market. We can predict that the age of chatbot will come and will change the existing customer service experience. If you want to promote your brand to a remarkable, instant customer experience, please contact us to customise a branded chatbot that belongs to you.