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Digitalizing NGOs & SMEs with useful solutions.

Cloudsoft CRM | 雲端客戶管理系統

CloudSoft Logo

CloudSoft is a CRM developed by SEI with heart.

More features, less cost

CRM in the market are usually expensive. With CloudSoft CRM, you no longer have to burn your money for over-priced standard features. With affordable price, while we never miss out any standard features like lead management, report and scheduling, we even provide a bunch of additional features like sales forecasting, quotation, invoice, multilingual support, etc.

SMEs and NGOs in the core

Unlike other CRM systems aiming at suiting the need of everyone, perhaps including the alien, CloudSoft is specifically designed for small to medium organizations. We know that what SMEs and NGOs care about is growth and efficiency. No more complicated layout and over-nested tables that may slow you down from handling the data but concise interface and prioritized information that squeeze out your time spent on unnecessary items.

Seamless integration

CRM is where sales starts and sales is the core of business operation. We take it into consideration and integrate other functionalities closely related to sales through plugins such as membership system, POS, VOIP, eMarketing. With one click, you can already access different systems within your organization. Open a new page and sign in again? That’s the old-fashion thing.



由香港政府推動的科技券計劃正式接受申請,在香港有實質業務運作最少一年的中小企均可提出申請;政府則會以 2:1 的配對方式,向每家合資格中小企提供累計上限為 20 萬元的資助,以供購買硬件、軟件及服務方案。

  • CloudSoft 會員管理系統
  • CloudSoft 客戶管理系統
  • CloudSoft 訂單管理系統
  • CloudSoft 預約及輪候管理系統
  • CloudSoft 客戶及會員分析管理系統貨
  • CloudSoft ERP系統
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科技券計劃政府推出中小企科技券計劃,詳情如何,申請資格、方案範圍及資助方式為何? 由香港政府推動的科技券計劃正式接受申請,在香港有實質業務運作最少一年的中小企均可提出申請;政府則會以 2:1 的配對方式,向每家合資格中小企提供累計上限為 20 萬元的資助,以供購買硬件、軟件及服務方案。

(1) 在香港登記並有實質業務運作最少一年;及
(2) 僱用少於100人的製造業企業,或少於50人的非製造業企業




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電郵 : info@hksei.com